From Memories to Memoir: What Motivated Me to Document My Journey

Aug 9, 2023

I’d like to share a deeply personal part of my life with you. Over the years, many have inquired about the inspiration behind my upcoming memoir, “But You Look So Normal: Lost and Found in a Hearing World.” The journey to penning this memoir has been both reflective and revelatory.

As the years have passed, I’ve often found myself reminiscing about the profound ways my hearing loss has shaped my life. While it hasn’t defined me, it has undeniably influenced the person I’ve become. Recently, as friends around me began experiencing age-related hearing challenges, I’ve heard them say, “Ah, now I understand what you went through.” My heart goes out to anyone adapting to hearing loss; I genuinely empathize with the journey.

However, there’s a vast difference between living with severe-to-profound hearing loss from birth and experiencing mild hearing loss later in life. I hope my memoir offers a window into that unique experience.

I remember my early days, stepping into Kindergarten with a severe hearing loss in both ears. Back then, I had just one bulky hearing aid, cleverly concealed beneath my clothes and hair. The technology of that time didn’t allow for two hearing aids. It wasn’t until my teenage years that I experienced the world of stereoscopic hearing. My memoir traces this evolution, from that single, cumbersome device to today’s advanced hearing aids and assistive listening tools.

I invite you to walk with me on this journey, to empathize and perhaps see the world a little differently. If my story resonates with you or sparks curiosity, I’d be honored if you’d consider pre-ordering my book. It’s an invitation to a world of understanding and connection.


But You Look So Normal:

Lost and Found in a Hearing World

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  1. Elliot Marseille

    As your “little brother” I had my own vicarious experience of your hearing loss. Of course, as a child it was just the way you were; and I loved you – so in another sense I didn’t perceive your hearing loss as a distinct phenomenon. I therefore both think I have some understanding from my peculiar point of view, and also know that I don’t really know what it was like for you. I am excited and curious to read this book when it comes out.


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