Playing The Piano Despite A Severe Hearing Loss

Dec 8, 2023

Despite being born with a severe hearing loss, my European parents encouraged me to learn to play the piano at an early age. Although distinguishing speech from background noise has always been a great challenge, the piano tones were clear, particularly in the middle register. I was passionate about playing the piano and I spent many happy hours in my childhood practicing and learning the repertoire of classical music. Beethoven was, and remains, my all-time favorite composer. In my teens, I attempted to accompany cellists and violinists and other musicians. Sadly, however, this proved too challenging, as it was virtually impossible for me to distinctly discriminate the other instruments from the piano. So, I had to give up my dream of being a professional musician. However, classical music remained my refuge and I played for my own pleasure much of my life. Piano music evolved into a lifelong source of joy and solace.

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